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Jacqui Lowe

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Our chairwoman yesterday disappeared off the scene as a PR disaster for our Club developed , I believe she was at a business meeting elsewhere,maybe what happened yesterday wasn’t that important to her ?

Part of what you’ve been preaching over the last couple of years at business meetings and within the club is about respect and values which is commendable, what happened yesterday to one of our own in Kris Doolan who has given us 10 years of unbroken service on and off the park.

Why was Kris not shown that respect for all that he has done for the Club and discarded like a first year apprentice .


Where was your leadership in this ?

I know that you take an interest in the Forum and social media and I won’t embarrass you even more but you reneged big time on private messages that I was parte to .

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That's a very poor show. Though given the shambles that is the business side of the club, not entirely surprising. The chair needs to start acting like the chair. So do several posts within the club.


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