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QoS vs Partick Thistle - Saturday 7 December

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Oh well, once more unto the breach. Dumfries beckons and normally not a destination that holds too many fears. A good away day and a reasonable record football wise for the Jags.

However in our current fugue even a point would be welcome. 

The question McCall and ourselves will be asking is how do we get a positive result back up the road?

Three at the back, pack the midfield and play with two up front would be my choice.

I'd start Fox in goals if fit. In front would be a combination of Hall, Saunders and McGinty. Kakay and Penrice at wing back.

In the middle I'd go back to Palmer, Cole and Slater. 

Up front Miller and either Cardle or even Mansell.

I don't see another 3-0 win but any win will do 

QoS 1 (Dobbie) Thistle 2 (Miller, Cardle)

Att: 1759

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I would have thought we'll go 3 at the back as well but the more interesting part might be who plays in the middle. It'll probably be Hall-Saunders-McGinty but Ithink it might be time to try Penrice in the centre of defence and put robson at left back. If Fox is fit I would start him.

I suspect we'll start with the following

Fox (if fit)




I would prefer to try the following.





Its a bit defensive but at least if we're behind we have options in Zanatta and Cardle on the bench that could change the game at a later stage.

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13 minutes ago, Paukea said:

Ryan Williomson

Tommy Robson

Tam Oware

Ben Hall

Gary Harkins

Rafa Da Vita

Alex Jones

Mitch Austin 

All Staring tonight



At what? :innocent2:


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12 hours ago, cyprusjag said:

Don't envy McCall.Think it'll be damage limitation. Long time since I was so consistently pessimistic.

You just haven't lived long enough!

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