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Balintore jag

Programmes, Programmes, Programmes

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I have been ordered to clear the loft. Also I am now living mostly up north. So now is the time to give away to a good home my match programmes - lots of home and away ones. There are also some Jags fanzines (They are still a great read.) I cannot be bothered selling individual programmes on ebay so I am offering them all as a job lot. This would be a good selection for someone who might be interested in collecting programmes.

The two boxes consist of:


Partick Thistle matches

1 from 1976/7

1 from 1978/9

3 from 1981/2

2 from 1982/3

2 from 1983/4

5 from 1984/5

5 from 1986/7

A few from 19897/8

A few from 1988/9

Quite a lot from 1989/90

Quite a lot from 1990/91

Quite a lot from 1991/92

Quite a lot from 1992/93

Quite a lot from 1993/94

Quite a lot from 1994/95

Quite a lot from 1995/96

Quite a lot from 1996/97

Quite a lot from 1997/98

Quite a lot from 1998/99

Quite a lot from 1999/2000

Quite a lot from 2000/01

Quite a lot from 2001/02

Quite a lot from 2002/03

Quite a lot from 2003/04

Quite a lot from 2004/05

A few from 2005/06

A few from 2006/07

1 from 2007/08

1 from 2008/09


Several Scotland internationals from 1978 to 2004


A few jags fanzines Johnny Flood, Sick in the Basin, WAS and some other memorablia


The lot for £5.00 or nearest offer (under 18s free)


Only stipulations are : PICK UP ONLY (from Scotstoun) and IT'S THE LOT OR NOTHING.


My wife will be pleased if I hear from someone soon!

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